Robot plasma cutting system

Robot on standard Plasma cutting machine!

  • All functions of plasma cutting system remain
  • Extra futures of FG Robot plasma system

Cutting round and rectangular tubes

  • Cutting holes in random shape (straight or beveled)
  • Cutoff other tube
  • Marking & text on al planes
  • Shorten according to special shape
  • Fitting for round/square tubes

Cutting Plate

  • Cut height adjusting by robot
  • Bevel cutting, variable, V- and K shape 
  • Fixed bevel in different directions
  • Fixed bevel along curve
  • Marking text on all sides
  • Plate cutoff for round, rectangular and conical shape. (straight or beveled)

Cutting L-, T- & I-profiles

  • Cutting holes into planes without repositioning
  • Cutoff/shorten with a specific bevel & adaptations
  • Cut between several profiles
  • Marking & text on all sides

Optional equipment

  1. Rotator
  2. Robot track


  • Graphical user-friendly software
  • Adjusting work piece data
  • Software generate path
  • Path simulation
  • Program generation
  • Production execution
  • Nesting (to get all the work pieces out of as short possible tube/profile no matter what shape)