FizGig developed a Rack and Pinion System range for the heavy metal industry. The FG1100 is used for horizontal bandsaw machines with a driven roller table / cutting capacity up to 1100mm / 44”. 

The positioner is driven by servo technology and runs over a dual linear guide construction, mounted on a standalone steel  frame which stands next to the driven roller table. The hydraulically flip away gangstop of the FG 1100 has a pair of sensors which controls the driven roller table (slowdown and stop).

FizGig produce FG1100 for Bekamak

It’s so simple to use that every employee can be trained in minutes, just enter any length on the keypad and press START. The FG1100 positioner will move to the entered dimension within +/- 0,008”( +/-0.2mm) and hold this accuracy time after time.


When FizGig Stop is connected to a machine the function Retrack, (FG Stop moves away from material when it’s clamped into the saw to prevent jamming of the blade) can be used.

•The FG 1100 ensures a speed up to 100 feet (30m) per minute and working weight up to 5.000 lbs.  
•Working lengths : 19’(6m)   26’(8m)   33’(10m)   39’(12m)  52’(16m)   65’(20m)  

 Overall length is 5’ (1.5m)  longer than working length.

•Repeatability: +/- 0,008”( +/-0.2mm) 

Options: Driven roller table FGRD1100 - Interconnect kit for driven rollertable

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