Today's high requirements concerning productivity, quality and production speeds lead to an increasing demand for automation systems.

FizGig's designs have a clear signature, easy to use, excellent performance and affordable! Everything we do is designed around your machine or process, so every innovation we make is designed to simplify and improve your production. 

News: FizGig has received a new order to automate a sawing line for a customer in the Netherlands.

- FizGig has received a Declaration of Intention to automate a complete factory in Swiss.

- FizGig has just received an order for robot plasma cutting line for a customer in the Netherlands.


A Passion for innovation

The company started in 1990 with engineering, today FizGig works together with customers and our team and partners in robotics, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical processing taking care of technology and in step with any new developments in the market. FizGig service team takes care of maintenance and interruption of production to its products.

FizGig undertakes a constant program of research and development to ensure that all products have an excellent performance and ease to use. Insight into our objectives, approach and strategy gives clarity to everyone who does business with FizGig.

FizGig specialises in the production of robot systems, special purpose Automation machinery and support and has branded itself as a Robotics and Automation company to enable it to gain exposure in different market sectors.

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